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When you turn to Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law, you get a compassionate lawyer who really cares about you and your case. You never feel like you’re working with a faceless firm where you are nothing but a case number. Instead, you work closely with me every step of the way.

I will work tirelessly on your behalf, thoroughly investigating the evidence, researching legal avenues, and vigorously advocating for you as my client. I know that many people feel like the whole legal process is overwhelming, chaotic, complicated and tedious. I am here to stress the very human side of this process. Your future can hang in the balance. You need someone who cares about that future and who cares about you as a human being who deserves the pursuit of justice. This is what I strive to provide to clients in Columbia and throughout South Carolina. Learn more about me by clicking on the link below:

Jennie E. Clark

The Advantage Of A Diverse Background

I bring a diverse background to my law practice. After working as a disability lawyer, I decided to expand my desire to help the world and I went to vet school and began working as a veterinarian. I have a robust scientific background, which helps when building a defense for your criminal case or representing you as a personal injury plaintiff.

You may ask, how can a lawyer who is a vet help me? Not only did I successfully undergo four years of veterinary medical school, I learned how important a rigorous analysis of the evidence is and how to work under extreme pressure, and my past experiences of performing surgeries, working up medical cases, dealing with emergencies, and understanding the pharmacology of drugs, including controlled substances, have taught me the value of hard work and keeping calm despite the challenges that life presents .

My background as a disability lawyer and my veterinary career also show that I have compassion for those who are scared, oppressed, and those with no voice. I apply the same philosophy of brining a rigorous, logical analysis to legal cases, and I understand how to present the evidence of your case in a way that is easy to understand for the judge and jury, even when complex issues are involved. My strong work ethic and compassion drive my practice as a lawyer, because I want to help you and will work hard to do so.

Here is how my law practice works:

  • I am available, with a 24/7 webchat agent available to gather information on your case, and I will promptly return your calls.
  • I have a strong work ethic and a dedication to exploring every issue in your case to formulate the best plan of action.
  • I understand the connection between mental health and addiction issues, and the impact that this can have upon an alcohol or drug case.
  • I understand that there are many scientific issues that should be investigated and challenged in cases.
  • I have learned how important it is to remain a calm, effective presence in difficult situations.

I am tenacious, dedicated and highly focused on doing what is right for you.

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Your initial consultation is free, so please call 803-470-0504 to find out how I can help you protect your rights, whether you face South Carolina criminal charges or have a personal injury case to discuss. You can also contact me online, and I will get back to you quickly.

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