There has been a lot of talk about fixing the health care system and perhaps twice as much talk spent on deliberating about how. If you own a practice in South Carolina, you have likely been paying keen attention to developments in health care to see how your patients may be affected. After all, affordable health care not only benefits patients but the doctors who would be in a better position to provide them with the best possible treatment.

In the summer of 2018, Forbes reported on a new generation of health care reform. The Health Care Choices Proposal was described as federalist and promised to return health care purchasing power back to the consumers. The proposal was developed at the grassroots level and tackled many of the issues that government proposals had failed to resolve in the past. Obamacare was an ambitious attempt at health care reform and the Health Care Choices Proposal claimed to do an even better job.

One way it hopes to do so is to offer better support to people with expensive pre-existing conditions. Under Obamacare, these individuals were pooled with relatively healthy individuals, which ultimately led to high premiums for everyone. By separating them, healthier Americans might receive health insurance at a much lower cost. People with pre-existing conditions would then get the subsidies they need to lower their health care cost.

Nevertheless, dozens of people protested the plan in 2018. The people behind the proposal say the public does not fully understand how the proposals will benefit them as a whole. Since then, the proposal has received buy-in from government officials, such as a U.S. senator of South Carolina.

As was the case with Obamacare, however, whether or not this proposal is beneficial to your patients will depend on what parts of the plan pass into law. This may require buy-in from not just government officials but the general public. As such, what the proposal will amount to overall remains to be determined.

This article provides information on the Health Care Choices Proposal and should not be used as legal advice.