You invested a considerable amount of your life, including both your time and your money, to become a health care professional. Receiving your professional license in South Carolina was the culmination of all that investment. At Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law, we strive to help medical professionals whose livelihoods are threatened by an allegation of misconduct.

According to the South Carolina legislature, misconduct that could lead to a disciplinary action by the state’s medical board may involve one or more of over two dozen acts, including the following:

  • Drug use: violating a law (federal, state or local) regarding alcohol or drugs; receiving a felony drug conviction; attempting to practice while impaired by drugs or alcohol; habitually or excessively using or abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Fraud: engaging in conduct that may defraud the public; including fraudulent statements in documents that are connected to your practice; obtaining fees under fraudulent circumstances
  • Sexual behavior: engaging in sexual behavior or activities with another medical professional or hospital employee, patient or family member that could affect the quality of care that a patient receives; exploiting the doctor-patient relationship through behavior that may include written, verbal or physical behaviors that are overtly sexual or that the patient perceives as sexual
  • Issues regarding medical records: failing to maintain, manage or complete accurate medical records; failing to provide medical records to another medical professional or to the patient when you have received a lawful request to do so

If you are called before the board regarding an investigation or disciplinary action, you must comply fully. If you fail to appear or do not cooperate, this could put your professional license in further jeopardy. More information about protecting a medical license during an investigation or criminal case is available on our webpage.