Healthcare always seems to be a topic up for debate. People everywhere want lawmakers to come up with a solution for this broken system. The current work being done involves revising the Affordable Care Act. Lawmakers from South Carolina and the other states actually all seem to agree that one part of the ACA is not working. According to National Public Radio, they want to see the so-called Cadillac tax repealed for good.

This tax was supposed to go into effect in 2018, but Congress delayed it twice. Now they look to remove it completely. It is a bipartisan effort, too, which means it likely will never go into effect.

It is a tax on employer-provided health insurance plans that cost over $11,200 per year for an individual. Such luxury plans provide premium health insurance coverage that is preferable to the high deductible plans many employers started to offer once the ACA went into effect.

Since the employer must pay this tax, there has always been a huge concern that employers would simply revise their health care plans, changing to the high-deductible plans. While such plans are cheaper for the employer, they lead to you not being able to afford to get health care services due to the deductible being too much to afford.

The whole point of this tax was to pay for the cost of the ACA. However, many employers have already switched to other plans and more likely will, it makes this tax fairly useless and only ends up hurting you and others using employer-based health insurance. This information is for education and is not legal advice.