An Attorney Who Fights For The Underdog

Defending You In The Face Of Criminal Allegations

The moment of your arrest may have changed your life forever. This is something you never thought would happen to you. You may worry about fines and jail time, but you’ll also have concerns about your career, your family and your reputation.

If you face criminal charges, I am here for you at Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law. I am ready to develop a legal strategy with you and prepare your case for trial from day one.

But I’m more than just a tenacious lawyer who never backs down. I’m compassionate. I’m caring. I’m easy to get in touch with. I know that this is a tough time for you, and I’m here to help you through it in any way I can.

My Criminal Defense Practice

I am willing to consult with you on a wide variety of criminal defense strategies and cases. I can defend you against both felony and misdemeanor charges in South Carolina. Some of the charges that I can represent you include:

In short, if you become my client, I will advocate as your attorney with an objective view of the law and an understanding that no matter how “bad” the crime seems, you have rights under the United States Constitution for which I will fight.

Call Now To Set Up A Free Consultation

Before you talk to police or prosecutors, learn more about what I can do to help you protect your rights. The consultation is free, and there is no obligation to hire me as your attorney. Just call my Columbia office at 803-563-6482 to set it up, or contact me online.