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Domestic Violence: Allegations And Your Rights

Domestic violence cases are common in and around Columbia, South Carolina, and the rest of this state. However, you probably never thought those accusations would be aimed at you — until you find yourself arrested and facing charges.

Now you’re wondering where to turn. What will happen to you if convicted? Is your family life over? What about your career? Is this going to seriously impact your fundamental rights, even long after the case is over?

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I am here to help you sort through the case and answer these pressing questions. At Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law, my goal has always been providing a compassionate and thorough defense to those who feel like underdogs. Do not let anyone tell you that you have no options. You absolutely do, and you always have rights. I will fight for those rights.

Restraining Orders And Protective Orders

Things that can lead to a protective order and/or domestic violence charges include allegations of:

  • Stalking
  • Threats
  • Physical violence
  • Lewd behavior
  • Sexual assault
  • Trespassing
  • False imprisonment
  • Harassment

Perhaps you are already facing a protective order or a temporary restraining order. You must follow it, even if you have never been convicted of anything. Never breach the order just because you believe it is unfair or unjust. That must be decided in court. You can be arrested if you violate the order.

Consequences Of Conviction

When seeking legal counsel, keep in mind that the consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be devastating. You could face time behind bars. You may lose your job or find it hard to gain future employment. If you have children, you could be barred from seeing them. You may never again be allowed to own a firearm, stripping you of a constitutional right.

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