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Using Science to Enhance Your Drug Crimes Defense

At Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law, you will find a criminal defense lawyer who understands the scientific side of drug use, addiction, drug testing, mental health and illness, and other factors at play in your case. You get someone who can explain the charges to you easily and who can effectively bring those scientific arguments to court. This is especially helpful in cases involving synthetic drugs such as ecstasy, K2, bath salts, synthetic fentanyl, and drugs tested in the lab that you were not aware you possessed.

I have a post-graduate degree and experience as a veterinarian. This diverse background provides me with critical scientific insights and an ability to analyze your case with a scientific perspective, allowing me to present the evidence in a way that provides you with a comprehensive defense.

How Science May Help In Your Drug Case

There are numerous ways in which a scientific approach can help in your case. For instance:

  • When you are charged with a drug crime, sometimes the lab comes back with results of a chemical that you don’t understand.
  • Many drugs have street names and long chemical names that identify the actual compounds. Sometimes, these chemicals are not yet listed in the DEA or South Carolina schedule of “controlled substances,” which may be a defense in your case.
  • If you are a medical professional, you may face DEA charges even when you are prescribing medications for a legitimate medical purpose, or you may have been addicted to drugs because of the challenges of your profession.
  • You may be a drug addict, a scientifically supported condition that does not make you a bad person and explains why you found yourself in trouble with the law.

You see how complex these cases can be and why people in South Carolina need a highly trained, highly educated criminal defense lawyer on their side.

Does a jail sentence really make sense if you are battling an addiction? The opioid crisis is all over the news in the United States, particularly because people unknowingly become addicted or because physicians are arrested even when prescribing medications they judge to have a legitimate medical purpose. This cannot be overlooked, and my background helps me keep it at the forefront.

Compassionate Representation

My work as a veterinarian also displays one other key part of my practice: I am a compassionate, caring person. I want to help you. I am willing to represent you in a variety of drug cases, including:

  • State crimes
  • Synthetic drug crimes
  • Controlled substance drug crimes
  • Designer drug crimes
  • Substitute drug crimes
  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing

On every case, I provide compassionate and caring counsel with a focus on your future. If you would like to find out more about how I can help fight against drug crime charges, please contact me online or call my Columbia office at 803-563-6482 now.