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Professional Licensing Defense: Protect Your Career

Perhaps you are not even facing professional criminal charges yet; investigators are merely starting to contact you and ask for information. But you are already concerned. Is this going to end your career? Could you lose your license, making it illegal for you to work in your chosen field and putting an end to everything you have worked so hard for over the years?

It is possible. For medical professionals like doctors and pharmacists, along with many others, these licenses are critical. A criminal conviction could strip you of that license, along with jail time, fines and other potential penalties. You need the help of a defense lawyer who cares about your future as much as you do. As a fellow professional licensed as a veterinarian, I understand what is at stake.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For You

You need the aggressive, dedicated defense you will get from Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law. My goal has always been providing the personal service that you deserve. That means taking your call or returning it promptly. It means face-to-face meetings. It means really caring about you and your future.

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Controlled Substances Examples

Consider a pharmacist with a license to operate in South Carolina. Someone alleges that the pharmacist has been distributing prescription medications illegally. These are not illegal drugs in an outright sense, but they’re still controlled substances.

The pharmacist is accused of giving the pills to people with prescriptions and is threatened with revocation of his or her license. He or she may also face criminal charges for the illegal sale of those drugs.

The thing that tipped the investigation off, however, was the frequency of the sales. Officials started the investigation because they felt that some of the prescriptions were fake or simply did not exist. While these traffic levels may be a red flag, it is possible that everyone who came to the pharmacy had the proper prescription.

I can help the pharmacist understand his or her defense options. This could include fighting the suspension or revocation of the license and fighting a potential criminal case.

Get A Lawyer Involved As Soon As Possible

Even if you are not technically facing charges, it is often best to start working on your defense options sooner, rather than later. These cases can grow complex, and the stakes are simply too high to take them lightly.