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Facing A State Grand Jury Investigation

South Carolina has a grand jury system which operates much like the federal grand jury system. The job of a state grand jury is to review complex cases being investigated by the South Carolina Attorney General’s office. A small group of state citizens is selected to serve on a grand jury for a two-year period, meeting several days out of each month. The jurors review evidence presented by investigators. Their work is conducted in privacy, and no judge is present. After their review of a case, they may rule to have individuals indicted or arrested on criminal charges.

If you know or suspect you are being investigated by a state grand jury, call my firm, Jennie E. Clark Attorney at Law, as soon as possible. If convicted after the investigation and a public trial, you could face a long prison sentence and substantial fines. As your legal representative, I can use my scientific and legal background to defend your due process rights. I am well-equipped to challenge charges based on highly technical evidence and I can explain complicated information to judges and juries in a straightforward, compelling manner.

What Type Of Cases Do State Grand Juries Handle?

Grand juries in South Carolina oversee investigations involving extensive evidence and testimony. Some of the more common cases involve allegations of:

  • Weapons trafficking
  • Gun law violations
  • Gang crimes
  • Election fraud
  • Computer or internet crimes
  • Securities or bank fraud
  • Environmental crimes
  • Public corruption

Investigators are skilled at drawing out damaging testimony from the targets of their investigation. If you answer questions from an investigator or testify in front of a grand jury without a lawyer on your side, you may be helping the state make its case against you.

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